Brandon Yoshizawa is a landscape photographer based in Los Angeles, CA. His passion for photography began in 2009 as a way to capture memorable pictures of his honeymoon trip to Australia and New Zealand. This sparked his interest in showing off all the local Southern California beauty around him spanning from the ocean to the mountains. Brandon’s vision and style captures a scene in the best light and angle possible in order to show the true beauty of any given location, evoking a sense of energy and splendor. Often times, Brandon will revisit the same location in order to capture that one truly unique moment.

Brandon’s work has been recognized and published worldwide ranging from written articles, image licensing, magazine publications and competition winning images. Brandon received his Bachelors in Business from University of California, Santa Barbara and his MBA from California State University Long Beach. He currently works for a major Aerospace and Defense Company. While photography is not his full time job; his passion fuels his commitment to his continued success within the industry.

Artist Statement

I am an outdoor enthusiast and enjoy everything nature has to offer. I lug my camera around with me everywhere I go for fear of missing that one great shot. I love capturing landscapes, cityscapes, wildlife and just being outdoors. Astrophotography has become a huge passion of mine over the last few years. I enjoy the mystery of the unknown and the technical difficulty that comes along with capturing a successful shot of the night sky. I've never been much of a creative person, but photography has allowed me to express my creativity through my camera. I enjoy capturing the natural beauty of my surroundings to re-create what I see through my lens.

Please take a look around my site. I hope you enjoy my pictures, as they are filled with many memories. All photos are available for sale through the galleries as a print or a digital download. Please feel free to email me using the "Contact me" link in the upper right hand side of the page if you have any questions.

Brandon Yoshizawa

Awards and Recognition

Outdoor Photographer - Magazine Feature - September 2021

Global Photo Awards 2021 - 2nd place - Nature

International Garden Photographer of the Year 2019 - 1st place - Greening the City

International Landscape Photographer of the Year 2019 - The Heavenly Cloud Award 

Chromatic Photography Awards 2019 - 1st place - Nature

RGM Insight Astro Photographer of the Year 2019 - Highly Commended - Skyscapes

Our World in Focus - The Perfect Moment photo contest - 4th place

Nikon 100

Pursue Pictures - 2018 Year In Review photo contest - 1st place

VoyageLA Interview - March 2019

abc7la Eyewitness News Feature - January 2019

N-Photo - Magazine Feature - January 2019

Golden State - SpaceX Falcon 9 article - October 2018

The Motif Collective - Silhouettes Competition - 3rd place

Los Angeles Times Images of Hope photo contest - 1st place - Nature

CEPIC Stock Photo Awards - 1st place - Natural Environment

N-Photo - Magazine Feature - October 2017

Digital Photo - Magazine Feature - February 2017

Practical Photography - Magazine Feature - February 2017

N-Photo - Magazine Feature - January 2017

The Eastern Sierra Interpretive Association - Convict Lake Flyer - April 2016

Sony World Photography Awards - 3rd Place - 2016 USA National Award

International Garden Photographer of the Year - 2nd Place Breathing Spaces - Competition 9

Landscape Photography Magazine - Lighting Up The Night article - December 2015

The Collective Realty - Photography Exhibit - August 2015

Landscape Photography Magazine - Photographing Twilight Cityscapes article - May 2015

Landscape Photography Magazine - Photographing The Milky Way article - January 2015

Environmental Defense Center - Ocean Festival Postcard - May 2014

N-Photo - Magazine Feature - May 2014

Witness to Nature Photo Contest - Britannica Award Winner

Nature's Best Photography - Magazine Feature - Spring/Summer 2013 Issue

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